Christopher Spicer

Christopher Spicer - Traditional and Digital Artist

Hello there! I’m Christopher Spicer. Engineer by day. Artist, writer, and web developer by night. And a cat-snuggling, dinosaur-collecting, beach bum at heart.


From the first time I put two Lego Technic gears together, I’ve had a fascination with mechanical design. Many years (and many Lego Technic gears) later, I graduated from The University of Maryland with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Immersed in the glow of computer screens (and the occasional stain of bearing grease), I now use my inventive talents to prototype and develop complex parametric models of innovative mechanical systems. My career is one that continuously offers new opportunities for creative thinking. And in that way, I’ve found that engineering is a lot like art (except with way more math).


Art has been a passion of mine since the first moment I touched pencil to paper (my kindergarten teacher said I drew the best dinosaurs in the whole class). As I’ve grown, so too has my experience with a wide range of materials and techniques (and my dinosaurs are even better now). Over the years, I’ve completed projects in charcoal, graphite, ink, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and clay. And I’m still excited to learn new mediums. I’ve taken a few art classes in my free time. But since I rarely have any of that, most of my knowledge and skills are self-taught.

Along with traditional materials and techniques, I’ve also enjoyed taking my art digital. From conceptualizing new compositions to rendering finished pieces, I am just as comfortable drawing with vectors and painting with pixels as I am with their classical counterparts. And when my creations demand more depth, I’m perfectly happy sculpting polygons into detailed 3d models of beach houses, sports cars, and luxury yachts (I can dream, can’t I?).


Almost as soon as I could read, I started amassing a collection of books that would rival most museum gift shops (fitting, since many of my books came from museum gift shops). My affinity for pretty pictures is equally paralleled by my affinity for pretty words. And I craft each with equal attention to imagery and symbolism. I've written a number of short stories and poetry collections, both published and unpublished. And many of these works came to life as companion pieces to my traditional and digital art.

Web Developer

I started this website as a place to showcase my art. And (as with my art) I've insisted on personally creating every element. Every word. Every image. And every line of code. The learning process has taken my website through many iterations. And each one has challenged me to experiment with the relationships of design elements like layout, graphics, and typography. And to explore the capabilities of web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And I look forward to discovering what I'll learn with the next iteration.

Cat-Snuggling, Dinosaur-Collecting, Beach Bum

Simple. I love cats, dinosaurs, and the beach!


For me, inspiration is everywhere. From the first kiss of new love to a romantic sunset on a secluded beach, art lives inside every moment and every scene. Every thought and every feeling. Every memory and every dream. Whether by paintbrush, pencil, or computer mouse, my greatest passion is trying to capture the beauty of these experiences. And (hopefully) in a way that allows me to share that inspiration with you.


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