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Dusk at the Pier
Dusk at the Pier | Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board | Romantic Beach Scene with Two Lovers Embracing at Sunset
Medium Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board
Size 12 x 9 in
Romantic beach scene with two lovers embracing at sunset.
All I Need

There's three feet of snow outside
But I can still see the ocean every time I close my eyes
A summer breeze flows like my fingers through your hair
I still picture us there

The sun's gone down, the beach is ours
As we lie there, entwined beneath a galaxy of stars
Something's much more beautiful about a crystal sky
Reflected in your eyes

My paradise is not palm trees
My paradise is lying in your arms, you sleeping next to me
Morning comes, your smile is the first thing that I see
And that's all I need

But for now all I can is count the days
And wait for the signs that summer's on its way
So I can be with you again
And I can be complete again

'Cause you're all I need
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